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If you are a student, our prayer for you is that you’ll know God’s blessing, his peace, and that you’ll find success in your studies.

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The Move

Student life starts with a move. Some will move across a city, others will move across a country, and still others from around the world to be here for university in Cardiff. Wherever and whatever you’re moving from, we believe your time in Cardiff is part of God’s plan for your life.

As All Nations Church, we are passionate about caring for students. It’s our heart to see you grow in your walk with God, to overcome every challenge that uni life throws at you, and find your place in God's purposes.

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The Mission

We see, in our city, a community of young adults and students who have put Jesus at the centre of their lives, who are cared-for and care for each other, and who are sold out to reach their worlds for Jesus. So here's a little bit of what we're up to in the student and young adults community!


Our main church gatherings are back in-person at 10.30am on Sundays. DM us on Instagram or hit the "Contact" button below to let us know you're coming! This is when the whole of All Nations Church comes together to worship the Lord, give thanks, and hear from God's Word.


During the week there is plenty going on for you to get involved with: 

  • We always have a full freshers program to help students find home in Cardiff and church. You can see what we're up to this Freshers Week on Instagram.

  • Weekly Community Groups are our opportunity to study the Bible together, pray, sometimes eat, and just chill out. This is a great way to grow in faith and to develop friendships. There are lots of other groups going on    that you can check out too. Head over to the Community Groups page.

  • On Wednesday afternoons we have outreach activities for students to get involved with.


If you want to hear more, get the full details and join in, DM us on Instagram (@ancyoungadults) or hit the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page.


The Message


The message at the heart of all we do remains the same as that preached by the Church throughout history: we as humans are sinners, enemies of God, and we've fallen short of God’s intended purpose: relationship with him. We needed saving. But Jesus' message doesn't end there. For rather than stay far off, God loved the world so much that he himself came as the solution to our sin. Whilst humanity's rebellion deserved death, Jesus, having done no wrong himself, died in our place. But this Jesus that was dead, God has raised to life, restoring our ability for relationship. 

To come into that relationship is easy but it will cost you everything. You must believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and freely say that he is Lord. As boss of our lives he calls us to be baptized, and he freely offers us the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then begins the adventure of life with Jesus as king. This life is defined by Jesus' mission to restore the earth to the way it was always meant to be: filled with people walking in relationship with him.

We believe that Jesus is the hope for our generation. His message is for anyone, and so we cannot help but share it wherever we are and whoever we are with.

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