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Meeting Jesus

When I was ten years of age a couple came to my school and told us about Jesus. I can remember saying to myself, “Yes this is what I want.”

I didn’t come from a Christian home I just knew I wanted to follow Jesus.

Through my life I thought of God.

Then, when I was in my late twenties, a couple I knew invited me to church. During the morning, someone asked if anyone wanted to become a Christian, and I grabbed the opportunity.  I knew straight away I was a sinner.  In my heart I thought I was not worthy of God’s forgiveness. But this changed when I experienced Jesus. That morning, I had this feeling like liquid love being poured through my body. I spent the journey home in the car thinking, “can anyone else feel this love this peace?”

I had previously arranged for my friend to look after my boys for me that afternoon. So I had a bit of time to myself.

I thought I would take the opportunity to relax and watch a bit of telly, but something inside me told me to read my bible. As I did, I began to experience the same presence I had felt that morning. I found myself speaking in this unusual language, which I learnt later was a prayer language that God gives; a normal thing for a Christian. I thought I had been there for about twenty minutes, but when I went to collect my boys from my friend, she wondered where I had been. It turns out I had been praising God for 3 hours!

She said, “what’s happened to you?” I was red all over my face my hands. I tried to explain. But it took many years to understand what had happened to me: I had a tangible experience with Jesus.


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