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Children: A Gift from God

Where do I begin? God has done so much in our lives we couldn’t possibly contain it in 100 words!

After 15 yrs of marriage we couldn’t have children, I had history of gynae problems. In my late 30’s God spoke to me audibly & told me I was going to have a baby. We took in a little girl and looked after her but God said that wasn’t what he had meant. I was to have  have a child of my own.

We then conceived baby Jessie but she died in the womb and I miscarried her. I was 40yrs old. Through that dark and difficult storm God remained our strength an hope to carry on. I went on to miscarry more babies but God is Faithful to His word and He never lets it fail to achieve its purpose. I then conceived Josie, and despite being really ill during the whole pregnancy, I managed to get through the 9 months.

I Praise God for our consultant who was very thorough and insisted on regular scans. At the 38 week scan she was concerned over indication of the placenta detaching itself from the womb. Despite the scanographer saying everything was fine she insisted I was to be induced and have Josie early. Praise God for his wisdom and my praying midwife who single-handedly delivered Josie. She wouldn’t have made it without her as everything went wrong.

She got stuck for over 2 hours, and got very distressed. My midwife and husband prayed in tongues. Josie’s heart rate slowed down. She was born with the cord wrapped around her neck. Our midwife saved her. She wouldn’t breathe when born, but the midwife  managed to revive her. Even after birth, several things went wrong with me and she sorted them. The consultant had been right about the placenta. Had I gone full term, Josie would have died in the womb.

God’s hand has been on Josie’s life and he has already saved her from several life threatening instances in the first few years of her life.

Then to top it all, my husband has lost his job twice in the last year and we were without any income for 3 months. Yet God provided through gifts from many sources.

God is Faithful.

Through it all we have managed to share the love of God, and testify to His goodness wherever we go and with whomever we meet!

God bless

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