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Car Insurance

This week, I had my insurance renewal come through for the car, it was roughly £500, which was too much for me. A friend of mine came round to help me and we went on a comparison site. I started filling in the form. I got as far as typing my name in, when my phone rings. It’s my insurance company. For no reason they offer me a policy that’s £200 less!

All I had done was type my name into this website! I hadn’t contacted anyone except my friend about the policy. I was worried about the £500, it was a lot of money. But God already knew that, and he was interested in looking after me.

He’d already planned ahead and provided for me.

He knows the number of hairs on our heads. He knows everything before it happens. He’s in control and working for our good even in the smallest and most practical of things.

- Dennis

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