We are passionate about every child knowing how much Jesus loves them. To help them in this we have 3 different groups in the children’s ministry that are split according to the children’s age, so that they can learn about and encounter Jesus for themselves in a session that they will find fun and engaging.


Children aged 1-3 years old 

In God’s Mini adventurers the children have lots fun playing with toys, hearing bible stories read and singing songs. We want every child to know that God loves them, God made them and Jesus is their best friend.

School aged children in Years 1-6 

In God’s Mighty Warriors children are taught our tailor- made curriculum through lots of fun, games and dynamic interactive teaching of the bible. We explore the word of God with the children learning the stories but also how it applies to their life right now. We want our young people to know Jesus for themselves, to encounter the presence of God and know that he has big plans for their life.


Pre-school children aged 3 to 5 years old 

In God’s Little Explorers the children have a fantastic time learning all about Jesus and other key characters in the bible through games, craft, stories and songs in a creative, fun and safe atmosphere. Our aim in this age group is for the Children to know that God loves them, God made them and Jesus is their best friend. 



After the worship on a Sunday morning, there will be a short break when there will be an announcement from the front inviting the children to go to their groups. You can then take your child to the correct room for their group. You will meet a team member on the door with a tablet, please give your child’s name so they can be checked into the session.


When you arrive please go to the welcome desk in the foyer and check your children into the right group. You will be given 2 stickers, one has your child’s name and a code on it, which the child must wear at all times, the other will just have the code on it. Please keep this second sticker with you for when you collect your child.  If this is your first time the person on the desk can help direct you and your child to the right room.  If you forget to check in your child when you arrive, don’t worry, you can do it just before the children go up to their groups.


Once the meeting has finished please make your way to the room where you dropped your child off to collect them. A team member will be on the door with a tablet waiting to check out the children from the session. Please give them the second sticker and your child’s name so that they can check the child out.

We take the safety of all the children very seriously. Therefore, all our team members are DBS checked.  Child safeguarding policies are also in place that inform our procedures.