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We believe people are designed for living in community. So much so that we’ve created Community Groups. These groups are for sharing life together, around an activity, food, a topic, or a hobby. But the goal is that we do it together. After all, life is better when done together!




Online Giving


During this season of our church family we want to stay as connected as possible. Facebook will be a great way for us to communicate, encourage and participate. Click the link below to follow our Facebook page where we'll be sharing regular devotionals, resources and information. It is also a chance for you to join the conversation and have your voice heard!

Giving our tithes and offerings is an important part in the life and faith of a believer. We believe that as you sow the God of infinite resource will cause you to reap.

Use the link below to give online. Alternatively you can give directly through your banking app by using out bank details.

Sort Code: 20-18-27

Account Number: 00290556

As well has having mini worship sets during our live stream, recorded by some of our community, why not jump onto our Spotify playlist and spend some time worshiping Jesus in your home?

Click the link below to head to our playlist!

Church Kids


Just because we aren't able to meet together in a building doesn't mean we can't have fun! Every Sunday morning our amazing Children's Ministry team will be releasing new videos that help our kids learn, grow and have a good time.



We believe that this generation is destined for great things, and no amount of lockdown will change that.

Head over to the YouTube page for our young people to find content to encourage and make you laugh.

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'The Gathering' may not be happening every Sunday evening at the moment, but the heart our students and young adults have to be together in the name of Jesus is still going strong! Click the link to see more.


Family is at the heart of everything God does. We want to make it as easy as possible for us all to stay connected to each other. One way we can do this is through our social media channels. Click the links below to get connected via Facebook and Instagram.